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Step into the future of dining with imBC restaurant's Table Order Era.

Table Order is an innovative service that lets customers seamlessly order and pay for their meals using a system installed directly at their restaurant table.

It's remarkably convenient and time-saving.

Modifying the menu data in the restaurant's POS is incredibly convenient, as it automatically updates the Table Order and Online Order systems as well.

Restaurant online orders also necessitate cost savings!

Discover imBC for tips on reducing costs for restaurant online orders!

The menu and menu covers required by the restaurant are also impressively modern and cost-effective.

In the absence of Table Order in your restaurant, traditional menus and menu covers are essential.

There are more than 70,000 customers order foods/services/items using the imBC,
and more than 130,000 online payments have already been made.

Use our online ordering system for your business to start taking free unlimited online orders from your website


This tablet isn't just for casual individual use—it's the backbone of businesses that tirelessly process orders for over 10 hours daily.

Add Online order

Do you have store? Then add it online.

Switch to imBC

Switching to imBC reduces costs and improves sales.

All business are platform-based.

The imBC platform seamlessly delivers Table Order, Online Order, and Phone Order systems for restaurants in your local language, no matter where you are in the world..

The imBC is free to start and does not require a Credit Card. If you send us an email, we consider that you have allowed us to receive imBC's marketing email.

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